Open to Export Action Plan Competition

What is the Export Action Plan?

The Open to Export Action Plan is an intuitive online planning tool which takes you through 5 key steps to export success. 

It is simple to use and works by asking you to complete tasks and set actions, helping you to establish what you need to know and do to start selling overseas. 

Once you have completed the steps, you will generate an action plan which is a brilliant showpiece to take to your bank, business advisor or international trade advisor.

Access this resource here

What is the Open to Export Action Plan Competition?

Open to Export has now run three competitions around the Export Action Plan with plans to launch several more competitions for 2017.

Entry is eligible to companies who submit their Export Action Plans and meet the competition criteria.

SME’s are being encouraged to experience the benefits of using it and you're encouraged to submit your plan for a chance to win over £6000 in prizes to help get your business exporting.

Take part in the competition here 

For more information about exporting support, please contact Catherynn Dunston