Academic and Technical Expertise

Have a subject or technical expert work alongside your business for up to five days in a range of subject areas.

You may have:

  • A project where you are thinking about bringing in a consultant to carry out a specific piece of work
  • An idea you have to develop your business, but lack the knowledge to take it forward
We have an inspiring range of expertise in a wide range of areas including:
  • Business
    (including leadership, IT and web, marketing, finance, operations, management, HR, and law)
  • Science and Engineering
    (including applied science, forensic science, and sustainable energy technology)
  • Conservation, Forestry and Outdoor
    (including outdoor leadership, biology, forestry, and animal and woodland conservation and management)
  • Creative Arts
    (including graphic design, games design, film and TV, fine art, and photography)
  • Performance
    (including drama, music and theatre performance, and event management)
  • Health, Social Care and Social Science
    (including occupational health, children/young people, psychology, public health, radiology and social work)
  • Humanities
    (including English, creative writing, journalism and RE) 
  • Education
    (including primary and secondary teacher training)
  • Sport
    (including human performance, physiotherapy, coaching, rehabilitation)
For more information about how we can help you, contact University of Cumbria direct on 01228 888731 or by email

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