Export Communication Review

Improve your business communications with both English and non-English speaking export markets

Addressing global business communications, DIT’s Export Communication Review (ECR) can help businesses improve communications with both English and non-English speaking export markets by reviewing all aspects of communication with them.

The ECR consultant can review all written and spoken communications with a specific overseas market or they can focus upon certain specific export activities.

Businesses receive a customised report to help them improve overseas trade including:

  • A table of strengths and weaknesses of current communications against international best practice (addressing written, telephone, face to face and electronic communications)
  • Tailored and practical recommendations, summarised in a business action plan
  • Information about possible suppliers and costs to implement the recommendations
  • How-to guides, with more detailed advice on how to implement recommendations.

What are the business benefits?

The ECR builds confidence to trade successfully with overseas customers, both now and in the future, without necessarily learning their language.

Key documents and processes that can be managed by ECR include:

  • Press releases and promotional materials, technical documentation and manuals, catalogues and packaging for international audiences
  • Preparation for and representation at an overseas trade show or exhibition
  • Preparation for a presentation to an international audience
  • Improving relationships with overseas agents and distributors
  • International sales and invoicing processes
  • Systems for handling foreign phone calls and emails
  • Training of overseas staff; language training needs in the UK and recruitment of export staff
  • International website strategy.

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