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How to use Twitter to look for jobs

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a free online service that allows both individuals and organisations to communicate with each other using short messages 280 characters in length (about 80
words) called “tweets”. Because the messages are short it allows information to be shared very quickly.

You can find loads of advice and guides online and we tweet tons of advice on our accounts to get the most out of all professional social media channels. But in this guide we’ll look specifically at how you can use Twitter to help you get a job.

REMEMBER, you don’t need to tweet to take advantage of the amazing content available on Twitter; you don’t even need to create an account or have an email address (although
you might need one to apply for the jobs you find).

You can be completely anonymous and still access up to date information.

How do I find jobs?

Getting started is easy. Simply search online for @JCPinCumbria using your smartphone, tablet or computer and then click the link that looks like this:

Don’t worry if you haven’t got internet access at home, you can also access Twitter via the computers at your local library or Jobcentre.

Download the complete guide to job-hunting with Twitter here

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