Cumbria Manufacturing Service

About Cumbria Manufacturing Service 

The Cumbria Manufacturing Service is designed to support eligible manufacturing SMEs to streamline their processes, drive up production capacity and innovation, improve business systems and access new markets. 

The project will assist you by providing a specialist Manufacturing Adviser to carry out an on-site review of your key barriers and opportunities for growth, setting out recommendations and identifying particular actions that will unlock growth and help achieve improvements in productivity and competitiveness. A grant is then available towards the cost of bringing further specialist advice into the business; typically projects are £10K in value and will attract a £3K grant.

The scope of projects eligible for grant support covers: innovation, sales & marketing strategies, e-commerce, business systems, quality, ISO, BRC, SALSA, operational efficiency and much more. Projects must drive job creation, introduce new processes internally or new products to market, and drive up productivity.  Download the projects in-scope guidance here.

Where actions are suitable for a grant, the project will support you to create a detailed specification of work and to identify potential providers. 

More Information

If you would like to know more please contact Alan Reid specialist Manufacturing Adviser on 07734 776 559, at or through Cumbria Chamber of Commerce.

Download further details about Cumbria Manufacturing Service here.