Food & Drink Growth Network

If you're a food & drink business in Cumbria looking to expand and grow, then you're in the right place!

Our Food & Drink Growth Network acts as a focal point for food & drink businesses who want to successfully be sustainable, increase competitiveness and ultimately grow. It provides SME's with a route to support and skill-sharing and the initiative to drive activity to their business. This part of the web portal brings together a great range of information, practical support and opportunities relevant to your sector, helping your business realise its growth potential.

We recognise the need to identify and understand market opportunities in the food and drink sector, you can find out how these can be successfully exploited and used for your business.

You can access support in the form of technical advice, events and workshops to help you and your staff improve technical, leadership and management skills.

Whether you're looking for information on developing new products or how to enter new markets, resolving technical issues or identifying and accessing appropriate sources of funding, you can find it all here and more.

By joining the conversation and engaging with other food & drink businesses through the online forums, you'll learn about topical issues relating to you, from food packaging and preservation to managing finance and marketing concepts and make valuable business contacts.

If you're looking to grow and take on staff or to safeguard existing jobs, contact us to arrange for an one-to-one session with an advisor to review your business issues and opportunities and put together an action plan. You can then access support through the Growth Hub to implement your growth plans.

The Food & Drink Growth Network helps businesses like yours grow and connect with each other to find new opportunities.

Join the network to connect with others in your industry!