Are you a business in West Cumbria looking to expand? What do you want from the Commercial Property market?

By Stephen Sewell - Walton Goodland on 20 February 2017
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Does your businees operate from industrial, warehouse, workshop, storage or office accommodation within West Cumbria or do you have a base there? Do you expect your business to grow in the immediate term or over the course of the next 5 years thereby requiring new land and/or premises to expand into?

If so, what is your impression of current available commercial industrial and office space in West Cumbria? Is there available property to meet with your needs and what do you require in terms of type of space, quality and size?

We are commissioned to undertake a study into the demand for new build industrial and office premises in West Cumbria on behalf of a Local Authority. The aim being to potentially speculative build new modern industrial and office accommodation to be made available to rent and possibly for sale. It is perceived that there is a distinct lack of quality space available preventing existing businesses from up-scaling to larger better premises in one single unit. It is felt that this may also then help to release smaller start-up units for new businesses looking to establish themselves within the market as well as instigate investment in the local economy. Discuss your space requirements and if this is a true reflection of the current commercial property marketplace in West Cumbria.

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